Bio inspired accommodating fluid intraocular lens

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The restraining elements are thereafter removable, preferably via a non-surgically invasive manner, e.g., via dissolution or laser light. Through a process termed accommodation, the human eye can increase its focusing power and bring into focus objects at near. In any arrangement that is connected to the ciliary body, by haptic connection or otherwise, extensive erosion, scarring, and distortion of the ciliary body usually results. The lens comprises front and rear flexible walls joined at their edges, which bear against the anterior and posterior inner surfaces of the capsular bag. 6,231,603 to Lang each disclose an intraocular lens design where the configuration of a hinged lens support ostensibly allows the intraocular lens to change axial position in response to accommodation and thus change effective optical power. This approach has numerous drawbacks, a few of which follow.Removal of the restraining elements allows anteriorization of the optic as the lens assumes a non-stressed configuration during accommodation. Accommodation is enabled by a change in shape of the lens 24. Such scarring and distortion leads to a disruption of the local architecture of the ciliary body and thus causes failure of the small forces to be transmitted to the intraocular lens. Thus, when the zonules exert a tensional pull on the circumference of the capsular bag, the bag, and hence the intraocular lens, is flattened, thereby changing the effective power of refraction of the lens. First, several aspects of the procedure are substantially difficult and not within the technical skill level of many eye surgeons.An intraocular lens (IOL) system includes an optic, a pair of haptics located on sides of the optic, and hinge portions at each of the optic haptic junctions. 5, 2002, now abandoned which are both incorporated by reference herein in their entireties. Field of the Invention This invention relates broadly to ophthalmic implants.The hinge portions have stressed and non-stressed configurations. More particularly, this invention relates to intraocular lenses which are focusable and allow for accommodation for near vision. State of the Art Referring to , the human eye 10 generally comprises a cornea 12, an iris 14, a ciliary body (muscle) 16, a capsular bag 18 having an anterior wall 20 and a posterior wall 22, and a natural crystalline lens 24 contained with the walls of the capsular bag.

wherein said connecting structure comprises a flange which extends outwardly from the outer perimeter of said lens body, away from the vision axis, said flange having sufficient rigidity to transmit forces, exerted by such ciliary muscle, which urge reduction in length of the outer perimeter of said optical lens body, to the outer perimeter of said optical lens body.An accommodating intraocular lens, for use in an eye, is made from flexible, optionally elastic, bio-compatible lens body material surrounding a closed and sealed lens cavity which is filled with bio-compatible optical liquid, optionally a gel.The optical liquid has a refractive index sufficiently high...Unlike conventional optical lenses, a bio-inspired fluidic lens changes the curvature of the lens under an external force, resulting in a lens tuning power about 5 times as large as the current devices.By mimicking this desirable feature, a fluidic intraocular lens can achieve a large accommodation range as well.

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