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The strip, in which six brothers and sisters tell children that it’s time to go to bed, became highly popular in Spain and Mexico during the ’70s and ’80s.

The new shows focus on how the curiosity of the youngest brother, Cuquín, leads to daily mishaps, while elder sister Cleo has to come up with creative solutions to get Cuquín out of trouble.

Claim to fame: Alvin is one of this year’s finalists for CLEO Singapore’s annual Most Eligible Bachelors competition.

Instagram: https:// Facebook: https:// (Credits) Name: Tyler Lim Best feature: We can’t stop staring at those insane forearms.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little dose of eye candy to enjoy every day, especially on your social media feed.What we love about him: His Instagram page is pretty much a digital mountain of travel pictures, so it’s safe to say he’s got an appetite for adventure.Claim to fame: Like Alvin, Tyler is also a finalist for CLEO Singapore’s Most Eligible Bachelors 2016, according to which says he’s never had a girlfriend before (look out, ladies).It can also help you find better deals with banks, to stop you over-paying on credit cards or to get a better interest rate on your savings.It lists which bills you still have to pay each month too.

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