Objectdock weather docklet not updating

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It has actually been around for quite some time, so you might even consider it a veteran of sorts. As the name implies, it’s a dock, which is a program that provides quick access to other programs, folders and widgets right on your desktop.It’s a key symbol of Apple computers, but with third-party programs, such as Object Dock, Windows machines have the same capability.The contents can be accessed by renaming the .odock extension to and opening the archive with your regular unzipping software. By now, you may have already heard of Object Dock – It’s no stranger to those of us keen on Windows customization.I always extract the png-icons from the exe-files and make them reflective by hand with Photoshop. I made a reflective Eclipse Icon which you can find here.But what do you actually mean by a reflective battery icon set? the battery meter for Sys Stats it would be good if you tell me which docklet you use. I was changing my icons this mornin and saw I couldn't change the Icon for the weather app on right click Came here looking for other icons, and found this you made!!Downloading the setup file and clicking through the setup wizard is a straightforward process that will take little of your time. When you launch Object Dock, a dock will show up in the bottom of your screen.

Reflective Weather-Icons for Object Dock to match Leopard-Skins.Op deze pagina kunnen de twee versies makkelijk met elkaar vergeleken worden. dat is tegenwoordig hip ofzo om geheugenvretend te zijn ik zit hier op 36 MB maar ik gebruik het ook flink: sidebar met flink wat docklets (zoals weather en sysstats), een systray en een tabbed dock met 6 tabs en flink wat docklets.Hieronder is de lange lijst te vinden met alle veranderingen die sinds versie 1.5 zijn aangebracht: Rocketdock heeft bv als beperking dat de start knop niet in je dock kan, tot nu toe. BTW voor customizations kan je ook terecht op crystalxp.net, allemaal gratis aanpassingen aan XP en vooral ze werken en zien er gelikt uit. maar er zit een optie in [optimize for speed/optimize for mem] dus ik gok dat je dan ergens tussen de 10 en 20 meg komt.. Vooral die tabbed docks zou ik niet willen missen want zo kun je alles lekker opruimen en toch snel benaderen.So what has allowed Object Dock to maintain its stellar user base?It’s likely due to it’s balance of functional and practical features, yet stylish and customizable interface. But I get rather annoyed by their installer, which always seems bloated and includes unnecessary steps.

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