Updating staircase

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Having a great staircase needn’t always mean installing a new one from scratch.

There are plenty of tweaks and on-site renovations possible.

We did this project pre-blogging, so I’m workin’ with the photos I can track down from the abyss of our hard drive, and recreating the stain process on a random scrap of wood so I can show you how it works.

But if you know you’re replacing the balusters, go with our method: UNAPOLOGETIC DESTRUCTION!

who might also be mating, but is definitely suffering in some way. It’s a simple, inexpensive change with a big ol’ honkin’ impact: my favorite kind of update! If you’re trying to save the white wooden balusters to reuse them, go this route: Holding one hand at the top of the baluster and the other hand at the bottom, slooooooowly twist the baluster until it loosens the nail holding it in, then lift it up and out of the railing.

If your look is outdated or no longer goes with the decor of your home, add something in wrought iron or a contemporary metal style.

This can be a great touch in both contemporary and period homes.

Glass balustrades are very popular even in period properties, and are a clever and stylish was of getting greater light into a downstairs room or hallway. Your choice of wood and finish is key to a staircase renovation.

Just wiggle the balusters up and down, or saw them in half with something sharp and power-tooly, until they break and you can pull them out of the railings.

Once you take them all out, reach in the holes where the balusters used to be and make sure there aren’t any lingering nails.

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